Push your brain to the limit!

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Do you feel that your mind is up for anything? Step forward and prepare your mind for a new kind of challenge, one where your speed, mental agility, strategy and memorization will all be pushed to the limit!

In Cortex, you play the role of a brilliant scientist who has created the first truly powerful intelligent machine and that machine is now challenging you.  You will have to draw on all your mental skills in an unprecedented manner in the form of 20 explosive and ever-changing boxes that frenetically move on tracks.  Your goal is to disable all the boxes before it’s too late.  But don’t worry, you have a few tricks up your sleeve.  You can use special magic powers to help you stop, reveal and disable boxes before its too late.

Just how challenging is Cortex?  Cortex is like nothing you’ve played before.  Be ready for 30 difficulty levels.  Make progress from a rookie all the way up to insanely complicated stages.  So are your ready for the challenge?  Mankind certainly hopes so!

The Story

The year is 2025.  The brilliant scientist Dr. Max has created his greatest work to date- the first intelligent machine.  Created in Dr. Max’s special underground lab, this new kind of computer doesn’t just “compute.”  No, this computer is capable of lightning fast and dynamic thinking that precisely mirrors that of a human.

What Dr. Max never suspected was that his creation was, in fact, much more intelligent than he thought possible.  Soon, Dr. Max realized that his machine could be much more intelligent than any human being!

Before Dr. Max can act on his fears, the powerful Machine takes control of the subterranean lab and begins conducting its own experiment.  The Machine’s experiment is designed to determine if human intelligence is a superior adversary or if The Machine should opt to pursue a global domination strategy.  Mankind’s fate hangs in the balance, but no pressure, right?

Dr. Max is now subjected to a demanding experiment designed to tests his mental agility, reflexes, strategic thinking and memorization skills.  The Machine’s Game in an intriguing and deadly one that is full of crazy mechanics and plenty of frenetic movement and colors.  Is the human mind superior to a silicon one?  The Machine intends to find out.

Key Features

  • 30 Rush and speed levels guaranteed to push your brain to the limit!
  • Collect and use magic powers wisely to stop, reveal, reset and complete each level in time!
  • The dynamic and ever-changing synchronized movements of the boxes will push your thinking to the limit! Can you handle it?
  • Use different strategies to collect and use your powers when needed most
  • Test how far you can go
  • What kind of approach will you take?  Will you rely upon speed, strategic thinking or a masterful blend of both?  The choice is up to you!
  • Compete with other players to establish the best “Brain Score” online
  • Unlock Achievements and share them with friends
  • Optimized graphics for Retina and iPhone 5 Retina display
  • Compatible with iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5/5S

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